Single Table Tube & Plate 

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000W-4000W

One Machine with Two Functions
Intelligent CNC System
Double Pneumatic Chucks
Open Structure, Convenient Loading & Unloading

One Machine with Two Functions

HT series can cut both tube and plate metals,
combining a tube laser cutting machine and plate laser cutting machine.
Save purchasing costs      One machine with multi-function      Save working space

Intelligent CNC System

Easy to operate even by green hands, It support multiple graphic files include DXF, PLT, DWG, AI, G-code, IGS (tube cutting). It is compatible with other nesting software also.

PAD type operation monitor
Support multi-brand nesting software
One-key switch between tube cutting & plate cutting
Multi language support
Auxiliary gas low pressure & cutting error alarm
Safety warning light

Double Pneumatic Chucks

2~3 times faster than traditional electric chucks
2 rows of rollers are adopted for a wide range of clamping and high cutting precision.
Dual support frame for 6m tube

Φ20-220mm     □20-150mm     Diagonal: 20-150mm
Channel & angle steel available

Open Structure, Convenient Loading & Unloading

Saving Space
Tube cutting and plate cutting combined in one machine. Not only help user save purchasing cost 30%~50%, but also save 50% working space.

Cutting Samples