Automatic Loading and Unloading Tube Laser Cutting Machine 1000W-4000W

Intelligent distribution
Double pneumatic chuck
Automatic loading and unloading
Reduce cost and increase efficiency

Automatic Loading and Unloading
Labor Saving and Easy Operation

Human-machine interconnection is more intimate, safe and efficient
The material rack bears 3 tons, batch processing is pressure-free, and the workpiece is anti-scratch design

Professional Full Pneumatic Chuck

Double pneumatic chuck, intelligent pneumatic opening clamp
Greater clamping force, no loosening or slipping of heavy pipes, adapting to tubes of different shapes
Conveying material is more stable, reducing non-production time and increasing productivity

Powerful Dynamic Performance Realize Diversification of Tube Processing

Powerful Dynamic Performance
Realize Diversification of Tube Processing

Efficient production of scattered orders, easy response to large-scale orders

Beam of Hollow Arch Bridge

Absorb bridge technology, strive for structural stability high-speed operation still ensure ultra-high precision

Light weight, high strength, more durable

Beam can get higher dynamic response and improve machining efficiency

Super Pocessing Capacity

Tube range:
round tube diameter Φ20mm-220mm
Square tube side length Φ20*20mm-155*155mm
Rectangular tube outer circle diameter ≦220mm
Processing single tube maximum weight 200kg 30kg/m
Minimum spare material 150mm

Cutting Samples