Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fully protective construction,safe and pollution-free Integrated design,taking up little space The whole machine is zoned for ventilation

Plug-in Machine Bed

The machine bed features its hollow but integrated plate welding structure,
which is certified by CAE. After annealing at high temperatures and relieving welding stress
with time to prevent deforming, the machine bed will vibrate little when it works. Thus, the cutting
precision is ensured.

Aviation Aluminum Beam

The beam features in high intensity,little density, light weight, corrison-proof and anti -oxidant.Therefore, it will not deform even after using it for a long time and the cutting speed can be enhanced.

Intelligent CNC System

With fully protective construction , the operator will not suffer the radiation from the laser beam. The smog inside will be discharged immediately with zoned ventilation system. So you will work in a clean condition.

Interactive Electric Door Together with Pull-out Work Table

It is easy and fast to operate the interactive electric door; With the pull-out work table, it is more convenient and time-saving for oprators to load and unload the cutting material.
With the wholly protective construction, the whole machine is safe to operators and environmentally-friendly

Cutting Samples