Press Services and Calibration

CNC-Tech offers a wide range of Calibration and press services. These comprise all the tools and machinery used for bending purposes. Whether there is a new instrument or the old one that has been damaged or exposed to extreme conditions that refrain its functioning. In order to avoid certain adjustments, the calibration performs the act of comparison. To improve the quality of our press services and calibration we have accepted the standard set by the certified bodies. Through the calibration of all press axes we aim to attain the maximum level of performance.

Our services include calibration of the Y Axis (Y1 and Y2 ) reference positions for twisting along the length of your activity for exact bowing points, for smoother operation through the bowing cycle, to amend uneven curve edges along the length of your item, for exact twist length estimations, Re-arrangement of the safety control framework ,Check electrical control cupboards for any free terminal associations, wore out transfer contacts or sticky contactors.

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