Press Brake Safety

Area of application

  • Innovative finger guarding system for pressbrakes by following LASER optical safety light grids in front of the tool.
  • Finger guard works during the foot pedal controlled bending process => hands remain free for the operation with the slug.
  • Increase of productivity due to programmable adaptation of the AKAS® II to the individual overrun traverses of the machine.
  • Short change-over times due to all-automatic change-over to other tool sizes.
  • Press brake guarding
  • Shears with pressure pad
  • Blanking presses

The Pressbrake safety System AKAS meets the safety requirements of category 4 according to EN 954 and prEN 61496, and the most recent requirements of prEN 12622.

Safety integrity level SIL 3 (IEC 61508)

Performance Level PL e (ISO 13849-1)

Safety category Kat 4 (EN 954-1)


The characteristic feature of press brakes is the performing of the movement of a tool, usually the upper tool or the bending punch, that moves towards a fixed tool, (the matrix or the bottom platen of the press) , consequently bending the metal sheet placed between them. When manufacturing small components, lot jobs or special single-piece production, the machine operator must hold and adjust the small pieces by hand during the bending process. Hands and fingers are endangered when doing so.

Problem Solving

The following LASER-optical safety light grid AKAS® prevents the trapping of a part of the body between the bending punch and the inserted sheet metal, i.e. the matrix.

Description Of Function
The Press brake Laser guarding System AKAS®-II is is a special protective device for press brakes. It consists of transmitter, receiver and LSUW N1 MUTING K controller (switching unit) or the Safety PLC FPSC.
The AKAS®-II transmitter gereates two modulated visible red laser beams. The AKAS®-II receiver consists of three detecting elements and of one evaluation unit.

Transmitter and receiver are fixed to the ram of the machine and form a Laser-optical safety light grid which is located in front of the bending punch. With the Laser-optical safety light grid AKAS®-II the hands remain free for handling the slug during the operation under continuous protection of the extremities during the whole bending process.

Electromotor driven actuators located in the AKAS®-II supports provide a quick and easy, all-automatic adjustment of both AKAS®-II transmitter and AKAS®-II receiver according to the requirements of other tool sizes.

Technical Data

In dependence on the maximum overrun traverse of the press brake, the AKAS®-II can be programmed in a way that its productivity output is optimized by either a maximized fast speed traverse, or a minimized slow speed traverse can be achieved. The value X can be fed into the system during the initial installation of the AKAS®-II according to the overrun traverse of the press brake. A short overrun traverse will require a smaller value for X, therefore the press can be operated longer in fast speed, thus saving time.

Standard travel distance of support: 150 - 200 mm; special travel distance on demand.

  • Special suspension devices
  • Overview: Safety footpedal
  • Akas Muting System with measuring instrument of overrun traverse

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