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Our Services

We don’t believe in providing the sophisticated and complex machine to you. We believe in keeping things simple yet new and fresh. Machines designed by CNC Tech have clear functions and are quick to understand unlike those big machines in market that take a huge amount of time to understand how it actually starts. Keeping our customers in the center, we focus on simplifying their lives in a way we best possibly can.

Press Services and Calibration

CNC-Tech offers a wide range of Calibration and press services. These comprise all the tools and machinery used for bending purposes. Whether there is a new instrument or the old one that has been damaged or exposed to extreme conditions that refrain its functioning. In order to avoid certain adjustments, the calibration performs the act of comparison. To improve the quality of our press services and calibration we have accepted the standard set by the certified bodies. Through the calibration of all press axes we aim to attain the maximum level of performance.

Our services include calibration of the Y Axis (Y1 and Y2 ) reference positions for twisting along the length of your activity for exact bowing points, for smoother operation through the bowing cycle, to amend uneven curve edges along the length of your item, for exact twist length estimations, Re-arrangement of the safety control framework ,Check electrical control cupboards for any free terminal associations, wore out transfer contacts or sticky contactors.

Operator Training

Technical and operating skills are must for any tradesperson. The complex type of machine, models and technology has increased the need for both on site and off site training modules. We ensure to bring you the ease of understanding the working of a machine with our training sessions.

Operating training is generally performed on various sorts of machinery—genuine hardware, test systems, taunt ups—and through composed guidelines. In a perfect world, administrators are prepared on the real gear; yet since this isn't generally conceivable, different machines must be considered.

Press Brake Retrofit

Investing in every latest technology is difficult and requires huge funds. Therefore, we offer several retrofitting and remodeling services. The major decision whether you should remodel your piece of machinery or buy another one rests on two factors- its costs and life period. We provide our customers with consultation discussing which is more affordable and have long lasting benefits for them. Our retrofitting standards are highly durable and tested by our certified experts.

Retrofitting an old press brake does not cost much if compared with the price of a new press brake. Besides you need not to wait till the installation finishes, we assure you an uninterrupted functioning by replacing your old controller. We have wide experience with CNC brakes. We assure you trouble free operation with our safety PLC, drives and motors.

Safety Systems

Our team delivers several services that ensure the safety at your workplace. We are certified to install Lazer Safe systems. Not only that, we offer you several other safety systems for instance revolving sensors, light curtains, safety gates and many more. To monitor 3D zones we provide you with safe camera system that helps you record information about the whole monitored zone. Our press retrofits are safe and complete solution for your safety. The initial adjustments are fast and easy and you get maximum safety through the latest optical system with LED lights and robust protection system. Our safety systems not only monitor the functioning of dynamic workplace but also save you from immediate shut down.

CNC and NC Control Installation and Replacements

We are proud to offer you wide range of CNC and NC controllers for press brakes. We offer you easy set ups and controlling measure.

Press Relocation and Installations

CNC- Tech is well known for its effective integration and connections. Upgrading your tools is indispensable these days. In our experience most commercial outcomes result only with better tools and updated equipment. Upgrading to a new technology is only reasonable if it brings more profits and advantages to the business. Also it is not always certain that every latest technology would suit your business. Indeed you need to have a clear picture about the outcome of relocating your physical assets.

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